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Here’s the best way to get started:

FIRST, go to GETTING STARTED and read through the levels and suggestions on how to best approach the course. Decide which level you believe you are at now. Don’t worry. You can always change. Also when you get a chance please Introduce Yourself.

SECOND, watch the COURSE OVERVIEW video and download the Course Curriculum so you can get an eagle’s eye view of the exciting road to come.

THIRD, sign up for the 31 DAYS GUITAR ACTION PLAN. There’s a short video explaining how it works.

Once you’ve signed up for the Action Plan you’ll receive an email with actions to take for the next 31 days. This is designed to get you in the habit of taking action every day which is the best way to make progress.

Please be sure to check your spam-filter and mark my email’s as “not spam”. Some email clients may not recognize tomas@starlandguitar.com and accidentally filter my emails.

If you need technical help please visit the Support Page. My support staff is watching this Monday – Friday and can get most technical issues straightened out pretty quickly.

To Your Success!

Tomas Michaud

As a paid member of RGA you also have free access to the members only Facebook group to ask for help, connect/share with other members and access the RGA team. This is the place to ask questions about learning guitar and the lessons.

To access the official Real Guitar Awesomeness Facebook group:

  1. Log into Facebook. If you are not a member of Facebook yet you will need to register to join the group. Fortunately it’s very simple and you don’t need to do anything else in Facebook if you don’t want to.
  2. Go to the Real Guitar Awesomeness group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/863443203706458/ (after logging into Facebook). You can search also.
  3. Press the “Join” button just below the “Real Guitar Awesomeness” logo (next to Share).
  4. That’s it. Give us a day or two for my staff to approve and you can start posting.

PLEASE use the email address you purchased the Real Guitar Awesomeness with, as we are an email centric system and that is how we search for you!